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Video:Kline asks us to check his record-Conclusion:Republican agenda ahead of Veterans

Congressman John Kline, R-MN likes to say he is a big supporters of military veterans. At a recent town meeting he avoided talking about specific votes a constituent asked about. He said to check the Congressional Record. So we did.

Now Congressman Kline may object to someone saying he doesn’t always support veterans… and he’ll point out that many of these votes were “procedural votes”. Meaning they were votes to send a bill back to committee with instructions to make some changes in the bill. But in each case, the changes in the bill were for the benefit of military veterans. Kline could have sided with them, but he decided instead to side with whatever the Republican agenda was at that moment. Kline is correct that he supports veterans. They just come after the Republican agenda.

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Kline votes against an amendment to add $185 Million to provide health care coverage for National guard and reservists in exchange for cutting the Base Relocation and Closing funding by the same amount See page H4044

Kline votes against an amendment to add $53 Million to Veterans affairs programs in exchange for cutting Base Relocation and Closing funding by $169 Million. Roll call vote

Kline votes against debt protection for returning National Guard and reservists. See page H2074

Kline votes against providing $100 million in health and $50 million in job training transitional assistance to help active duty forces make the transition to the veterans benefits system. See Page H1524 Roll call vote

Kline votes against expanding full retirement and disability benefits to all veterans. See page H11007

Kline's ratings on veterans' issues from Project Vote Smart.


Blogger Prairie Mermaid said...

On 31 January 2007 John Kline voted NAY on the appropriation bill for FY2007. Yes, this was a vote to fund 9 of the 11 departments of the Federal Government for the CURRENT YEAR since the 109th Congress had adjourned in 2006 without funding the departments (other than Defense and Homeland Security) except by a continuing resolution. Fortunately, the FY2007 funding bill passed with the new Democratic Majority in Congress. This vote is significant because it was a vote Against funding the Department of Veterans Affairs, and 8 other departments.

When the January 2007 death of a young Marine veteran constituent of John Kline was listed as a suicide, John Kline said he was outraged the young combat veteran was unable to get treatment from the VA, which was under a Continuing Resolution, and therefore inadequate funding, at the time of the young Marine's death.

As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Subcommittee on Military Personnel, John Kline is in a leadership position to champion legislation for miltary personnel.

And what has he done with this leadership opportunity? He has failed. Failed to co-sponsor several bills in the 109th Congress that could have achieved legislation for military and veterans.

Then when the underfunded VA fails a veteran, John Kline says he is outraged.

Bills in the 109th Congress that might have improved VA services for veterans include House Resolutions 515, 1588, 1982, 2131, and, most notably 1639, which would have provided for pre- and post-deployment mental health screening for troops. This bill was referred to the Subcommittee on Military Personnel, of which Congressman John Kline is a member. John Kline never signed on as a sponsor to any of the bills. They never got out of committee. They didn't get voted on by the House. The bills died in the 109th Congress.

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