Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bad Publicity Forces Kline's Office To Change Tactics

It's amazing what a little daylight will do to the process at Congressman John Kline's Burnsville office. Last week Inside Minnesota Politics and the Star Tribune reported how Kline's District Director Mike OssKopp had called the cops on constituents who wanted Kline to hold an open town meeting about escalating the war in Iraq. Groups of like-minded constituents visited nearly every other Minnesota Congressional office on the same day and were warmly welcomed. Osskopp must have taken some heat. This week when the constituents returned to again ask for a town meeting, Osskopp followed Congressman Jim Ramstad's lead and not only invited the group in, but offered them coffee and donuts.

Osskopp then took them to a conference room and proceeded to tell them at length how busy Rep. Kline is, working everyday from 7 a.m. until late at night. He’s all booked up for another two months or so and the soonest any public meeting could be held would be April. Kline could maybe meet with any constituent who flies to Washington DC but otherwise he’s booked up until April.

Contrast this to Rep. Tim Walz who has opened a "mobile office" to visit and talk with constituents about Iraq and other issues.

I may have an audio podcast update on this later.


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