Saturday, February 10, 2007

Two years later-a different DFL party

Two years ago the DFL party was very divided in trying to select a successor to DFL chair Mike Erlandson. What a difference two years and winning a bunch of elections can do. This time the DFL unanimously re-elected Brian Melendez. In our podcast you'll hear from Melendez (download here runs 7:54) as well as a few other items that came out of today’s DFL business meeting in North Branch Minnesota.

First Presidential politics: John Edward’s campaign appears to be already well-organized. Ted Mondale, that’s former Vice President Walter Mondale’s son, was manning the Edward’s booth and is one of Edward’s main organizers in Minnesota. The campaign is already handing out buttons and signing up volunteers.

Senator Barack Obama also had a table, but only had post cards to hand out with a list of Obama campaign websites.

While we’re on the topic of presidential politics, newly re-elected DFL associate chair Donna Cassutt says the DFL will be doing more outreach to groups that want to get involved in the process of picking a presidential candidate. Cassutt told me that there are so many new people involved in the DFL she’s going to work on doing education about how the caucus process works. So look for more information on that soon.

Next: US Senate Politics –two candidates who have indicated an interest in running against Norm Coleman were there. Attorney Mike Ciresi and his wife were meeting and greeting DFLers, several who said they hope he runs. Ciresi of course wouldn’t tell me if he is going to run or not. But he did say he was evaluating such a run and indicated he’ll talk to our Inside Minnesota Politics audience when he reaches that decision. So keep listening.

Another potential US Senate hopeful is State Representative Joe Atkins of Inver Grove Heights. He’s coming off of a 44-point victory this past November. Atkins has ruled out running for Congress against Republican John Kline, but is considering making a run against Coleman. While the legislature is in session, Atkins says running for Senate is on the back burner. But you can expect to see him make a decision sometime after the session ends.

Notably missing from this DFL fest was Al Franken who has indicated he’ll make his political intentions known on February 14th when he signs off from his Air America Radio show. Franken has been in contact with DFL officials. He was at DFL headquarters a couple of weeks ago.


Blogger Carl Holmquist said...

The questions was asked where was the Obama campaign in this post? The answer is we were watching our candidate announce his candidacy at the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis with over 250 supporters. These supporters spanned a very diverse group of people from all over the metro area, age, race, immigrant, and political or no political experience Mayor RT Rybak, Mpls. Councilmember Ralph Remington, St Paul State Senator Richard Cohen, Former St Paul Councilmember Bill Watson, Mpls Councilmember Paul Ostrow, Mpls Councilmember Don Sammuels have all endorsed Obama and most were in attendance and spoke at the event. We all wish that we could have been at two places. You will see our presence as we continue to swell in ranks both within the Democratic party and in the community because this campaign is focused on grassroots organizing. We want to meet people where they are at both within the party and in the community.

Carl Holmquist
Assistant Organizer DraftObama (Now VoteObama)

8:43 AM  

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