Thursday, April 27, 2006

DFL CD 5 Delegate Reaction and Analysis of Candidates Forum

Download or listen to the podcast on line here
Delegates undecided and tight lipped

In just a few days DFL CD 5 delegates will very likely decide who is their next US Representative. The Fifth has been described as the Democratic Party's "safest seat" in Congress. There are 11 candidates to choose from.

On this podcast we sort out the serious from the not-so-serious and marginal candidates, report on which candidates connected with the delegates and listen to reaction from the delegates.If you don't have time to listen to the entire forum, which we posted earlier, this will give you a quick overview of the various campaigns.

As always, this audio and video is provided for your own personal use. Redistribution or transmission is not permitted without explict written permission of TimeScape Productions Inc. It's a shame I have to post this disclaimer, but there are some lazy money grabbing radio hosts ("the Plunderers") and blogger ("the Thief") out there who have no ethics and prefer to steal instead of doing their own work.


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