Saturday, February 25, 2006

DFL Challenger To Sabo: Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer

Sabo Faces A September Primary Challenge
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Minnesota's 5th District is thought to be one of the safest Democratic seats in the entire country. So why is Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer taking on 14-term Congressman Martin Sabo for the DFL nomination? Listen as Nelson-Pallmeyer tells Wendy Wilde about his meeting with Sabo in January and how that led to his decision to run.

Nelson-Pallmeyer says three recent statments from Sabo pushed him into the race. Those were:
1) The Iraq war is not about oil
2) It is not neccessary to investigate why we invaded Iraq
3) It is not appropriate to push the Democratic Party to have a unified position against the war.

On his website, Nelson-Pallmeyer outlines how the invasion of Iraq was planned by neocons BEFORE the 2000 election.

For the first time anywhere, he makes public his decision to run in the September primary and tells us why he will not abide by the 5th District DFL endorsement.

Also on this week's show:
Reaction to Peter Idusogie's decision to run for US Senate as an independent
Some thoughts on Senator Dick Day's proposal to get rid of 9/10 cent gas pricing
And a story about how attending your precinct caucuses on Tuesday March 7 could change the world.

Need to know where to find your precinct caucus? Go to the website of the party of your choice:
Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL)
Republican Party
Green Party
Independent Party

All caucuses convene at 7PM on Tuesday March 7

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