Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Caution On Playing The Race Card

DFL Governor Candidates Forum
Peter's advice to candidates: be cautious about accusing Pawlenty of racism
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There's much agreement between the four Governor candidates seeking the DFL endorsement. They all agree Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is trying to use immigration as a wedge issue for the 2006 election. But the strategy to counter Pawlenty varies.

Listen as Becky Lourey, Steve Kelley, Kelly Doran and Mike Hatch representative Lori Swanson offer their thoughts on immigration reform. They fault Pawlenty for trying to raise fear of neighbors, doing nothing about the problem for three years, and not pushing the Bush administration to address the problem at a federal level.

Steve Kelley said the Governor was trying to promote racism. Becky Lourey alluded to racism when talking about how the Governor was pressuring Indian tribes to cut the state in on their gambling revenues. Listen as Peter cautions against making that allusion and instead suggests focusing on the Governor's failure to control the sale of MN drivers license information which leads to identity theft and makes illegal immigration easier.

You can be sure there will be a contested primary in September. Both Becky Lourey and Kelly Doran plan to run in the primary. Steve Kelley says he will abide by the endorsement. Mike Hatch has said in the past he plans to abide by the endorsement, but it depended upon the level of participation of Minnesotans at the caucuses in March.

We also do some fact checking on what the candidates said. Is Minnesota the largest importer of energy in the U.S? And does Minnesota have more sunny days than Houston, TX or Tallahassee, FL? We give you the truth.

The forum covered a large number of issues including abortion, health care, the environment, education, transportation, and of course taxes. You can listen to the entire debate by clicking here.

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