Friday, December 09, 2005

Unhealed Rifts In DFL

Why does MNPact poll show support for Coleen Rowley is soft?
•What activists and general electorate want may be different

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Two very different polls -- one unscientific poll of DFL activists and one from a consumer research firm paint an interesting picture of the 2006 elections.

MNPact (Minnesota Network for Progressive Action) invited activists (mostly southern suburban DFLers) to answer some questions and turned up some surprising results. Less than 50% of those who replied were supporting Coleen Rowley for Congress. So far, Rowley is running unopposed for the DFL endorsement. (Some of the poll votes went to Peter. Peter wants to make it clear HE IS NOT RUNNING FOR CONGRESS) The poll also showed three other surprises a tight race for Governor, a lack of support for Patty Wetterling for U.S. Senate, and a 21% negative rating for the DFL's new Chair Brian Melendez who has been in office for less than nine months.

Listen as Peter digs into the rifts that are behind these numbers and looks for the answers to heal them. He finds some of them in a very non-political place --a poll from a consumer research firm. It asked more than 9,000 people what "issues were on their mind". The responses show that people have some serious concerns about the state of our economy, government, leaders and the general direction of our country.

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Blogger lloydletta said...

I listened to one of the podcasts of Race to the Right - which went after you about your CD 6 analysis. I think they had a point that you folks have little understanding of Republican politics. Republicans aren't running in primaries - while DFLers are.

In regards to your discussion about Mike Hatch, I think that Hatch needs to address women in Minnesota. In 2002, he threatened to run in the primary unless the DFL endorsed a male candidate. I thought that was appalling - and that if this had been a Republican who had made a move like that, the guy would have been pilloried in the press.

Women seem to be able to advance further and faster in the Republican Party than the democratic party.

That's not to say that I think people should vote for candidates because they are female - but Hatch's 2002 actions were the other way around.

In 1994, when Hatch ran against John Marty in the primary, Hatch used anti-gay lit pieces in the rural areas - attacking Marty for supporting domestic partner benefits. There's alot of deserved condemnation of Michele Bachmann and Republicans for their efforts to marginalize gays for political gain. Democrat Mike Hatch has a history of using that tactic and it's a legitimate thing to take him to task for.

If it's Hatch vs Pawlenty, Gay DFLers should take a pass and withhold endorsement, money and volunteer time from Hatch. Hatch has said there is no difference between him and Governor Pawlenty on the issue of gay marriage.

3:10 AM  

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