Monday, October 24, 2005

Hatch Talks Taxes, Stadiums and Special Sessions

Hatch: Dancing Around The Issues
Or Principled Responses?

•Says calling a Special Session is not a yes or no proposition
•Will abide by endorsement process depending upon caucus turnout.

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Is he or isn't he going to honor the DFL endorsement process? Newly announced Gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch seemed to say yes, but at the same time left himself some wiggle room. He also left some wiggle room on calling a special session and on building new stadium(s).

Is Hatch helping or hurting his chances with such nuanced answers? Is his opponent Kelly Doran doing a smart thing by buying $500,000 worth of TV time to run a soft image ad? Hear the ad and Peter's analysis of the changing Governor's race.

You can hear all of Hatch's announcement in our previous podcast.

Photo to right- passing the hats for Hatch------------>

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