Monday, October 24, 2005

Hatch Announcement Audio and Text

Hatch Announces-
Tells MN Nurses Access To Health Care Is His Top Priority

Click here to download or listen to entire Hatch Speech
Mike Hatch ripped into Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty for the temporary shutdown of State government as he began his own campaign for Governor. He noted that in Minnesota's 147 years there had never been a shutdown until now
"Through two world wars, a civil war, a great depression, a wall street crash, a flu epidemic, and even the grasshopper plague of 1873, our leaders always managed to find common ground"

"Simply put, we now have a government that masquerades as 'Minnesota nice' but whose policies are particularly cruel to the sick, the vulnerable and the impoverished."
Hatch told a choreographed, but enthusiastic crowd of nurses " I believe that health care is a right, not a privilege. Access to health care will be my number one priority."

Listen to the entire speech here. Entire text of Hatch speech is here.

Look for our podcast later today where Hatch answers reporters questions on taxes, stadiums and special sessions. We also talk about two other major developments in the Governor's race, Bud Philbrook dropping out and Kelly Doran spending a half-million dollars on campaign ads.

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