Thursday, August 11, 2005

Kelly Doran On U.S. Senate Race Politics

Doran undecided about participating in
DFL endorsement process

Says primary is "a good thing for our state"

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Kelly Doran believes the fight for the DFL U.S. Senate slot will go all the way to the primary, but he's not ready to say if he will participate in the DFL endorsement process that will start six months from now. Doran is one of four (and possibly more) Democrats running for the seat being vacated by Democrat Senator Mark Dayton.

In an exclusive interview with Peter Idusogie, Doran appraises the other three Democrats running -- Patty Wetterling, Amy Klobuchar and Ford Bell. You might be surprised by what he has to say.

Should politics and religion mix? Doran offers his opinion.

So far, Doran's campaign has been largely self-financed. Senator Mark Dayton also largely self-financed his own campaign, but then decided not to run again because he had not built up a base of donors and thought fundraising would take too much time. Find out why Doran thinks he won't be in the same predicament Senator Dayton was.

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