Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Doran Targets Kennedy; Move On Targets Kline

Democrat vs. Republican ads airing 14 months before general election.
Move hires staffers in Kline's District.

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Forget the DFL endorsement process. Kelly Doran has skipped right to the general election. A radio ad is the latest evidence Doran plans to run in the primary. Hear the ad and Peter's analysis of what this means for the other DFL candidates. wants Rep. John Kline out. Hear what that means to the 2nd Congressional District race.

Republican generated rumors say Patty Wetterling will drop out of the Senate race to run in the 6th Congressional District. We separate fact from fiction.

Has President Bush delivered on being a "compassionate conservative" as he promised? You might be surprised at the assessment we get from a prominent Republican.

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