Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sen. Dave Durenberger Pt 2

Democrats "better equipped" to solve health care problems - Sen. Dave Durenberger
Says Republicans are "dead wrong" about education funding.

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Former U.S. Senator Dave Durenberger knows health care. He's written two books on the subject and was appointed by Governor Tim Pawlenty to head the Minnesota Citizens Forum on health care.

Durenberger, a life-long Republican, says his own party has "stepped way over the line by saying only private insurnce companies can deliver good health care."

Although he says he will never be a Democrat, Durenberger says Democrats are "better equipped to carry the day" when it comes to health care. Durenberger says Republicans are right that people make better choices than government does. But he says Republican/insurance company health care solutions are the worst choice since "insurance companies don't make better choices than either government or families".

Peter Idusogie of the "Inside Minnesota Politics" podcast has an exclusive interview with the former Senator that Durenberger calls the "most intelligent interview I've had in a long time". A transcription of that entire interview is now available on line. In it, Durenberger takes issue with the Republican "voucher" solution to education.

"If you say as Republicans do, 'private education is better than public education, so we need to use public money to finance private education', you are wrong. You are dead wrong politically. You're dead wrong economically and from an education efficiency standpoint."

Listen to this fascinating and very candid interview from one of Minnesota's elder statesmen.

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