Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Kelly Doran On Issues

Wealthy U.S. Senate Candidate Says
Bush Catering Only To Rich.

Message to those under 35 "You're going to get screwed".

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Kelly Doran says he is not a politician. He's a businessman, and a rather successful one. He says America is "borrowing prosperity from the future" under the current Bush administration policies. The ballooning deficit, proposed social security cuts and bankruptcy reform that focuses only on consumers and not corporations is very bad news for our kids.

Listen as Doran tells Peter why it is impossible to "cut our way out" of our budget deficit.

In business, Doran says you need to ask the "hard questions" before you make big investment. He says our President failed to ask those hard questions before invading Iraq and now we're all going to pay for it.

Watch for our "Bonus" podcast later this week. Peter and Doran discuss the politics of the U.S. Senate race, including "are you skipping the DFL endorsement process?"

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