Friday, August 19, 2005

Breaking News-Rowley Interview From "Peace Mom" Camp

Interview from "Camp Casey"
Minnesota Second Congressional District Candidate Coleen Rowley explains why she and Minnesota State Senator Becky Lourey are visting "Camp Casey" just outside President Bush's ranch. Until last night, Cindy Sheehan the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq had been holding vigil outside the Bush ranch. Sheehan wanted to talk to the President about the war. Sheehan left last night when her mother suffered a stroke.

Rowley says there is a "fear induced silence" in our country because of fear they will be "ridiculed and treated as a traitor for merely questioning" why we are in Iraq.

Rowley says the group that is gathered at Camp Casey is made up of military familes and other "mainstream Americans", not leftist radicals.

The interview runs about 15 minutes. Listen to it here.


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