Friday, March 24, 2006

Kelly Doran Statement on Dropping out

Press release from the Kelly Doran campaign:

St. Paul – Kelly Doran today issued the following statement regarding the end of his campaign for governor.

“It is with deep regret that I announce the end of my campaign for governor. I love Minnesota and started this process with hope and aspirations that we could capture the desires of many to bring leadership that would unite our state, back to the governor’s office.

“Sheila and I traveled thousands of miles around this great state and met with thousands of our fellow Minnesotans. We learned much, but nothing came through clearer than one thing. It didn’t matter whether we were listening to Democrats, Independents or Republicans, the people of Minnesota are tired and frustrated with partisan politics. They want honesty and results. They want their leaders to tell them the whole truth, without the spin. The people of this state are very smart, they can handle the truth.

“My decision has nothing to do with any recent polls. The race for the governor is only beginning and I believe it will be very competitive.

“I committed much to this process.

“Many will disagree with my decision, and I am sure I have disappointed many others, particularly the thousands of people who have supported our efforts. I regret that, but I have decided to put the interests of my family first. This is very hard, but I ask for understanding.

“I have been honored to meet so many great people of all political backgrounds, far too many to name each individually. It always amazed me that so many people willingly, regardless of their own political views, gave of their time to meet with me and I learned so much from each of them.

“I am proud to have assembled such a great campaign team. I will miss them all.

“Although I have only known Sheila Kiscaden for a few months, I fully understand why so many have the feelings and regards that they have for her. Sheila is an outstanding person, who strongly believes in our state and our future and I am grateful for her willingness to be part of our effort. We will remain friends and Sheila will always have my support.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Legislative Issues: Real Or Wedge?

Listen in as we play "Real or Wedge" with special guest Jim Carlson
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The beginning of the legislative session is a time to bring forth ideas to solve the pressing problems of our state. Unfortunately, a lot of legislative time each year gets spent on bills that don't really solve problems or are trying to solve problems that don't exist. The main purpose of these bills is to divide people politically. Hence the name "wedge issues".

Listen as DFL State Senate Candidate Jim Carlson plays the "real or wedge" game with host Wendy Wilde. Can you guess which of the following issues qualify as "real" and which qualify as "wedge"?

Play along. If you win, ultimately we all win and the legislature will work on issues that unite us instead of inventing ones that divide us.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Amy Klobuchar -"This administration has dropped the baton"

Klobuchar talks Health Care, Corporate Tax Loopholes, Iraq & Mark Kennedy
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US Senate Candidate Amy Klobuchar says the Bush administration's "go it alone" foreign policies are weakening US power. Listen as she tells Wendy Wilde how the Bush administation has "dropped the baton" and why we need to return to doing things through diplomacy.

"We were always the world's moral compass. You think of after World War II when we came in there and that helped us. It helped us with our economy and trade and relationships that we had around the world and help from other countries when we needed help. And basically this 'go it alone' foreign policy has destroyed that moral compass that we have in the world and we need to regain that and go back to looking at diplomacy"

Amy sat down with Wendy at the Wilde Roast Cafe recently for an energetic discussion of the issues in the US Senate campaign. Among the topics covered in this 30 minute podcast:

Health care- Klobuchar wants universal health care first and says eventually we can get to a single payer system. She says the change will help all businesses since health care is becoming a larger and larger benefit for businesses to pay.

Iraq- Klobuchar is outraged that Halliburton has overcharged the US Government for work in Iraq and now the Bush administration is willing to just "let it go".

Business- Klobuchar would like to eliminate tax loopholes that allow businesses to set up shell corporations in Bermuda.

Likely Republican opponent Mark Kennedy - Kennedy claims he is independent of the administration, but Klobuchar says his voting record shows otherwise

Democratic "backbone" - Klobuchar says Democrats in the past have been afraid to differentiate between what's right and what's wrong. She says that has to change. "It is right to have social security to be a guarantee. It's wrong to make it a gamble. It's right to invest in our kids' education and affordable healthcare and it's wrong to give oversized tax cuts to the wealthiest among us. It's right to equip our troops and herald them as heroes when they return from war and its wrong to go to war without a plan"

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