Sunday, November 06, 2005

Value of DFL Endorsement-Steve Kelley

Kelley's plan to defeat Tim Pawlenty
•Says strong DFL turnout in '04 gives more weight to endorsement

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Senator Steve Kelley says Governor Tim Pawlenty has undermined the trust of Minnesota Legislators and the public. He says the Governor resorts to "game playing" by calling taxes "fees" and vetoing bipartisan solutions to transportation problems. He says that's why Minnesota's government shut down, because Pawlenty never rose above gamesmanship. Kelley says that was not the case with the previous Republican Governor Arnie Carlson.

Endorsement Pledge
Kelley is also sticking to his pledge to abide by the DFL endorsement despite Mike Hatch and Kelley Doran hedging against making the same pledge. In the last several elections, the DFL endorsed candidate has rarely won the primary. So why is Kelley sticking by the endorsement process? He says the DFL endorsement is now worth more because of the large number of people who showed up for the 2004 caucuses and have continued to stay involved in the party.

Kelley also says he's the strongest candidate because he can unite Democrats as well as attract independents and moderate Republicans.

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