Thursday, October 26, 2006

Update:Paid Republican writer tries to have it both ways

Earlier I posted about how hypocritical it was that Republican-paid blogger Michael Brodkorb is complaining about vandalism to Republican candidate lawn signs in the Eagan/Apple Valley area.

That's because earlier this year he didn't respond to an opportunity to prevent vandalism and theft to lawn signs in his home Senate District. Vandalism is a crime and shouldn't be tolerated, but Brodkorb would rather complain after the fact than try to prevent it. Brodkorb is the chair of the SD 38 Republicans and turned down a bipartisan offer from his DFL counterpart to work on preventing lawn sign theft and vandalism.

Now we've learned that his own Republican Senate District 38 website (yes the SD that he is in charge of) is criticizing DFLers for reporting lawn sign violations. Brodkorb is for decrying illegal activity when he thinks he can score some partisan points. But when it comes to enforcing the law, his officially authorized Senate District site suggests it's a bad idea. And when it comes to preventing crime he won't even return emails or phone calls.

Unfortunately this is what much of the Republican Party leadership is about these days. Finding ways to make issues partisan so they can win elections instead of trying to solve the problems.


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