Thursday, September 21, 2006

Masin Shocks Wilkin At 38A Debate (Video)

Podcast video here.
When I first met Sandra Masin I thought she was the quiet, shy, retiring type. Boy was I wrong. She spits fire when it comes to issues. Wednesday, she shocked Republican Rep. Tim Wilkin at the end of debate. Masin, Wilkin's DFL opponent launched into a list of how Wilkin was not honest with how he represents himself and really didn't honor his "no tax increase" pledge.

Hit play and watch as Wilkin shakes his head and looks stunned. Masin hits it right on the head when she describes Wilkin's policies as "thinly veiled extremism".

After the debate ended I asked Wilkin to respond to what Masin had said. He hadn't had a chance to do so during the debate because he gave his closing statement first. Wilkin refused to say anything more.


Blogger genghis dem said...

Wow! Way to go Sandy Masin! This is the way to out social conservative Wingnuts such as Wilkin for all the electorate to see! She's got my vote.

10:55 AM  

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