Monday, September 17, 2007

Video: Pro-Peace, Pro-Occupation and Confrontation at Norm Coleman's doorstep

This weekend hundreds of people marched to the State Capitol building to call for an end to the occupation in Iraq.

A much smaller group gathered for a counter-protest to support the occupation.

Later some of the peace group marchers went to US Senator Norm Coleman's home in St. Paul and found him in the ally behind the house.

He then came out and talked to the group for about 20 minutes.

The legacy media had some coverage of the events, but The UpTake's team coverage probably had the best, including the only video of the confrontation between Senator Coleman and the peace group. (Disclosure: I am also Executive Producer for The Uptake)

Together these videos provide an excellent overview of the issues and what happened on Saturday.
  1. There's the face-to-face discussion with Norm Coleman at his house (3 Minutes)
  2. There's an interview with Keith Ellison (3 Minutes)
  3. And then there's coverage of the pro-occupation counter-protest (5 minutes)
If you like what you see, the videos are also in YouTube. Rate, comment and share them with others. It will help raise the visibility of what happened Saturday.

Still photos courtesy of Chuck Olsen, Greg Skog, Ken Avidor

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