Thursday, August 02, 2007

Governor Pawlenty Says Special Session Possible On Transportation And Infrastructure

Governor Tim Pawlenty today said he is is open to all options to solve Minnesota's transportation and infrastructure problems including a special session of the legislature. Previously the Governor had been very cool to the idea of calling lawmakers back into session. He vetoed the transportation bill the legislature passed because it included a 5 cent a gallon gas tax.

Pawlenty indicated that even if he had signed the 2007 transportation bill or the 2006 transportation bill which he also vetoed the I-35W bridge would not have been replaced.

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Blogger dltrast said...

Now that Pawlenty got slapped in the face with road/bridge infrastructure failure he calls for a special session for funding. The house/Senate came to an agreement for a nickel gas tax to support and maintain the highway system. who cares about a nickel? Pawlenty had the red pen to veto the bill, wait until the NTSB is done with the bridge inspection reports and the cover up

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