Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Republican Exposer Exposed

The Star Tribune revealed today that Republican Blogger and GOP SD 38B Deputy Chair Michael Brodkorb was MN GOP Party Chair Ron Carey's Campaign Manager in 2007. Carey won re-election as chair in a close race against Joe Repya, who like Brodkorb is active in GOP SD 38.

Brodkorb, who devotes an entire rambling page of his blog to "disclosing" his ties to campaigns neglects to mention that he has been working for Ron Carey. Whether this is paid or volunteer work is unclear from the Star Tribune.

Brodkorb's page says his life "is one big disclosure" and he "has nothing to hide". So why is this rather important disclosure missing from his site? Brodkorb's "disclosures" only go through 2006. One has to wonder what other disclosures for 2007 are missing.

A quick check of Brodkorb's "tagged" archives finds that he has apparently not posted any stories about Ron Carey during 2007, nor has he posted any stories about Carey's opponent Joe Repya.

While Brodkorb has avoided "tagging" any of his stories with "Ron Carey" while he was Carey's campaign manager, he has posted many press releases for Carey on his blog without revealing he was working as Carey's Campaign Manager at the same time. Brodkorb also had Carey on as a guest during his May 26, 2007 radio show on AM 1280. That's just 9 days before the MN GOP Chair election. While I don't have an archive recording of the show, Brodkorb's blog promoting the show makes no mention of him working for Carey election. A tip of the hat to Flash for digging up that detail.


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