Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rowley Blows The Whistle On Kline

I've started collecting the negative mailers Congressman John Kline has been sending out about Coleen Rowley. They're sort of like freak show banner art. Outrageous claims that just make you laugh because they're so ridiculous. If there were another week in this election season Kline would claim Rowley was the bearded lady.

I would find it easier to laugh at the juvenile playground bully type tricks Kline has been pulling if there weren't so much at stake this election.

After 9/11 the FBI had one brave agent --Coleen Rowley who wasn't afraid to speak the truth about 9/11. According to a press release tomorrow (Friday) at the State Capitol she is going to tell the truth about how Congressman John Kline has distorted and lied about her positions. This should be pretty good. Inside Minnesota Politics will be there with camera ready. Check in here later in the day for coverage.


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