Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hatch Leads Pawlenty by 9 points

A new Star Tribune poll finds Governor Pawlenty's lead over Mike Hatch has dwindled to a deficit. Here are the latest numbers:

Hatch 46%
Pawlenty 37%
Hutchinson 7%

The reasons for Pawlenty's drop and Hatch's gain are many. The Foley scandal is dragging down Minnesota Republicans in general (Michele Bachmann saw a similar drop and now lags behind Patty Wetterling in the polls). Those polled said Hatch was more sympathetic to the poor than Pawlenty. Hatch has picked up most of his new support among women and affluent voters.

Republicans are counting on a rebound before the election. But given that the Foley scandal hearings are going to drag on for weeks and little good news is coming out of Iraq, it's possible that the anti-Republican sentiment may spill over into even "safe" Republican seats such as the Second Congressional District where Rep. John Kline is facing a serious challenge from Coleen Rowley.

Stay tuned.


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