Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Brodkorb's House Candidate Trys To Distance Self From Brodkorb's Smear Tactics

Since the Minnesota political blogs are abuzz with how several campaigns are now paying Republican blogger Michael Brodkorb, I thought it was timely to offer up this recently videotaped interview with Rep. Lynn Wardlow.

One of the things Mr. Brodkorb doesn't disclose when he launches his attacks is that he is the Republican Party Chair of Senate District 38 in Eagan/Burnsville. Rep. Wardlow is one of the campaigns Mr. Brodkorb oversees. So listen and watch. Is Brodkorb so non-involved in his local races that even his candidates don't know what he really does. Or does Rep. Wardlow not even read the newspaper?

One thing we do know is the SD38 organization that Brodkorb chairs has given Rep. Wardlow $2,750 in the last nine months, which is a significant chunk of (12.6%) of all the money Wardlow has raised this election cycle. For that reason alone, you'd think he'd be a little interested in what Mr. Brodkorb does. (2006 Report Here) (2005 Report Here)

Rep. Wardlow's "no comment" on Brodkorb is also interesting. Hit the play button to watch.


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