Friday, January 06, 2006

Pawlenty tries to embarrass Bush

Immigration proposal a slap in the face to President Bush
Also: Prediction of armed conflict between Israel and Iran
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This week Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty proposed several ways the state should crack down on illegal immigration. While the proposal is meant to bolster Pawlenty's chances for re-election, listen as Peter points out it is one of the few times a high ranking member of a political party has tried to embarrass the flag-bearer of the party --President Bush.

Since Peter has first hand experience with the immigration system (he is a legal immigrant and a U.S. Citizen), he knows the ins and outs of the system. It is a complex problem. Listen as he explains why forcing local police officers to enforce the intricacies of immigration law will be a burden on them without the necessary training, salary and infrastructure.

Most Minnesotans know that immigration is a federal issue and needs to be solved at that level. So the main intent of the proposal seems to be to create a new wedge issue for Republicans in 2006. However, the proposal should not be entirely dismissed. Some of the points in Pawlenty's proposal are good such as increasing the penalty for human trafficking. But the Governor should focus on issues the state can really solve such as enabling identity theft by selling driver license numbers to scam artists.

Prediction: 2006 will see fighting between Israel and Iran
With Israel's leader Ariel Sharon suffering a brain-damaging stroke, the prospects for peace in the Middle East have dimmed. Listen and find out why Peter is predicting there will be an armed conflict between Israel and Iran before the end of 2006.

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Blogger Dave Zarkin said...

Third District Rep. Jim Ramstad’s response to President Bush’s action to allow eavesdropping on Americans without court authorization IS alarming. According to the Jan. 12 Sun Current article, Ramstad said that extraordinary times often call for extraordinary actions and “it’s important to maintain a balance between civil liberties and our national security but sometimes you just have to act fast.” We are headed down the wrong road when the Bill of Rights and Constitutional guarantees to privacy can be dismissed so lightly. More disturbing is the fact that Ramstad is a former criminal justice attorney and is chairman of the House Ways and Means Oversight subcommittee. He should know better. Ramstad’s attitude doesn’t bode well for congressional oversight on this important issue

11:27 AM  
Blogger Michael M said...

I'm forwarding Peter's response to this:
Peter says

I’m willing to allow the President in very rare circumstances to go ahead and authorize eavesdropping ‘temporarily’ without congressional authorization” in an emergency as long as the joint intelligence committee is immediately briefed and there is a simultaneous effort to brief and bring the intelligence committee of the joint congress even as the act of eavesdropping is being carried out. Secondly, there has to be adequate justifiable reasons within the confines of our law and there should be clear concurrence by both the congress and the Executive Branch as to the reason for such fast action.

At no time should it be used frivolously. I believe that there is a strategic balance here that must not be altered. As I said, when I ran for Congress in 2004, we can provide both adequate home land security without trampling on civil liberties if not the Terrorist would have won because after all their number one goal is to alter the way of life of the American people.

11:54 AM  

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