Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ford Bell speaks against "clearing the field" in U.S. Senate Race

Bell Challenges Klobuchar To Debates
Says his campaign has had "indirect pressure" to get out of race
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With Patty Wetterling now out of the U.S. Senate race, is the DFL endorsement of Amy Klobuchar a forgone conclusion? You might have thought that if you read the paper or watched the TV news reports. Most reports only gave passing mention to the only other candidate remaining in the race – Ford Bell.

Bell took that issue head on at this weekend's DFL Central Committee meeting. The Central Committee is made up of hundreds of delegates who will very likely play a role in deciding who gets the DFL endorsement.

He said it was too early in the process to mimic the Republicans and “clear the field”. He said the political insiders in Washington were telling the DFL to “sit down, shut up, we’re from Washington and we know best."

"I reject this attempt to bulldoze over our party’s strength. Our strength is diversity and debate, THEN consensus."

Listen to our exclusive interview with Bell and find out what issue he says Klobuchar has been silent on, and the major differences he sees between himself and Klobuchar.

Bell then challenged Klobuchar to a series of open debates across the state. A representative of the Klobuchar campaign wouldn’t give us a yes or no answer about participating in the debates, saying only that Klobuchar and Bell have had several debates and those debates would probably continue.

The full text of Bell's speech can be found on his website.

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