Wednesday, February 07, 2007

DFL alleges anti-Hatch contributions illegal

The DFL has filed a Campaign Finance Board complaint against “Stronger America- Minnesota”. This is the group that financed many last minute attack ads against DFL candidate for Governor Mike Hatch. The actual wording of the complaint is complex, but the basic issues are pretty simple. In our podcast (download here) DFL Chair Brian Melendez explains the issues and how this complaint puts groups on notice that in the future they can't operate like that in Minnesota.

According to the DFL, corporations that may have made illegal contributions include Badger Liquor Company. Tex Par Energy LLC, Builders Supply Corporation, North American Mechanical Inc and Capital Consultants inc.

If I remember correctly, a corporation that contributes to a Minnesota campaign can be fined up to $10,000.

Here is a link to the DFL’s official complaint.

Now a follow up to yesterday’s big story.
It turns out Congressman John Kline’s office was the only congressional office in Minnesota that kicked out constituents who showed up to express their displeasure with president Bush’s proposal to deepen our involvement in Iraq.

Republican Congressman Jim Ramstad staff greeted the constituents with water and coffee. Even Representative Michele Bachmann’s staff was civil and gave the constituents a room to stage their sit-in.

The satellite office for Democratic Congressman Colin Peterson in Marshall was closed for the day, so the peace group was not able to go in.

So only John Kline’s staff was rude to constituents. That shouldn’t be surprising. Kline has a pattern of constituent abuse… particularly to those who don’t agree with him. If you want to see his district director Mike Osskopp yelling racial slurs at Kline’s constituents , the video is on the IMP website. I’ve documented that constituents that don’t agree with Kline often don’t get responses their phone calls , emails or letters.


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