Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rep. Kline calls racial slurs from his District Director "Unacceptable"

John Kline's Congressional District Director Mike Osskopp has issued an apology for a racial slur that he repeatedly used at an event for Kline's DFL opponent, Coleen Rowley. Osskopp's outbursts were captured on video at the Sunday event and then posted on Inside Minnesota Politics. Representative Kline called the use of the slur "unacceptable".

The story in Wednesday's Star Tribune is here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I find especially disingenuous is that the racial slurs where yelled at a crowd of Veterans attending an event at a VFW.

I doubt if this apology would have come if Kline's paid staffer had not been caught on video making these slurs.

Kline just sent a mailer throughout the Second District where he devotes an entire page to saying that his opponent has been disrespectful to men in uniform ... so what is sending a paid staffer to harrass visitors to a Veterans event called?!?!

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