Wednesday, August 02, 2006

AG Candidate Lori Swanson will not abide by DFL endorsement

Attorney General candidate Lori Swanson tonight said she would NOT abide by the DFL endorsement. The DFL State Central Committee will meet on August 12th to consider endorsing Swanson, former Congressman Bill Luther or Senator Steve Kelley for Attorney General.

At tonight's DFL Feminist Caucus candidates' forum, Kelley sidestepped the endorsement question, saying he is confident he is going to get it. He pointed out that he abided by the DFL's endorsement in the Governor's race. Kelley was the only DFL candidate for Governor who said he would abide by the DFL endorsement, which eventually went to Attorney General Mike Hatch.

Bill Luther was not at tonight's forum. He had a prior personal commitment.

The organizers of tonight's forum stressed the need for the State Central Committee to make an endorsement. Kelley concurred saying the DFL needs a team and he would like to unite the party before September's primary.

Update: I've been informed by the Feminist Caucus that the statement from forum moderator Jackie Stevenson on needing an endorsement was her opinion only and not an official position of the Feminist Caucus.

Swanson and Kelley did manage to get in some shots at Republican AG candidate Jeff Johnson and Governor Tim Pawlenty. Swanson said Johnson would rather negotiate with companies than enforce the law. Kelley noted that Pawlenty's recently announced "Meth Registry" proposal was another example of Republican "Government by gimmick".

Inside Minnesota Politics recorded the entire forum and will make much of it available in the coming days.

Swanson also told Inside Minnesota Politics tonight that she WOULD do a podcast interview, however she declined to set a time and date.


Blogger Moderate Bob said...

At least she is clear on her position. Why is Kelley so wishy-washy? Answer the question, Steve. Yes or No? Or are you just another squishy politician? Swanson is the most qualified; is she also the toughest and most honest?

11:36 AM  

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