Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wendy Runs

Statement From Inside Minnesota Politics Producer Mike McIntee
April 29, 2006

"Wendy Wilde is taking a leave of absence from Inside Minnesota Politics to run for Congress. She officially announces she is running today.

"While Wendy seeks the DFL endorsement at the CD 3 May 6 Convention, we'll have a series of guest hosts fill in for her.

"During her campaign, Wendy will be welcome as an occasional guest at the Inside Minnesota Politics microphone, as is any Congressional candidate

"If and when Wendy is no longer a candidate for office, she is welcome to return and host Minnesota's First Political Podcast--Inside Minnesota Politics."

Thursday, April 27, 2006

DFL CD 5 Delegate Reaction and Analysis of Candidates Forum

Download or listen to the podcast on line here
Delegates undecided and tight lipped

In just a few days DFL CD 5 delegates will very likely decide who is their next US Representative. The Fifth has been described as the Democratic Party's "safest seat" in Congress. There are 11 candidates to choose from.

On this podcast we sort out the serious from the not-so-serious and marginal candidates, report on which candidates connected with the delegates and listen to reaction from the delegates.If you don't have time to listen to the entire forum, which we posted earlier, this will give you a quick overview of the various campaigns.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Exclusive multi-podcast of DFL CD 5 Candidates Forum

Download or listen to candidates forum here.
Or listen to individual candidates:

Gail Dorfman
Jorge Saavedra
Mike Erlandson
Gary Schiff
Anne Knapp
Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer
Keith Ellison
Paul Ostrow
Jon Olson
Ember Reichgott Junge
Erik Thompson

Or listen to what each candidate had to say by issue:
Taxes & Budget
Working with Republicans on Iraq
Gay-Lesbian Rights
Differences/what makes them stand out
Abiding by the DFL endorsement

Still to come:
Analysis and reaction from the people who have the biggest say in all of this -- Delegates and Alternates to the DFL CD 5 convention.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Coverage of 5th CD DFL Candidates Forum

Golden Valley's City Council Chambers were packed with people eager to hear the first forum with all of the DFL candidates running to replace Congressman Martin Sabo. Inside Minnesota Politics recorded the entire forum and interviewed the people who will be granting one of these candidates the DFL endorsement -- the delegates and alternates to the 5th CD convention. Inside Minnesota Politics will have full audio from the forum later this week.

The main headline from the forum is the latest scorecard on who and who isn't going to abide by the DFL endorsement.

Those who will abide are:
Gail Dorfman
Jorge Saavedra
Mike Erlandson
Gary Schiff
Anne Knapp
Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer
Keith Ellison

Those who plan to run in the Primary no matter who is endorsed
Paul Ostrow
Jon Olson
Ember Reichgott Junge
Erik Thompson

More soon.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Off this week

Mike is on assignment in LA this week, so no show. Check back next week for audio coverage of the DFL CD 5 endorsement battle.
mp3 here.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sen Barack Obama Speech To DFL

The Humphrey Day Dinner keynote from Sen. Barack Obama is now available for you to download or listen to online.

Video from Humphrey Day Dinner

Click here to watch podcast
It's a video version of our podcast. Watch interviews with former Vice President Walter Mondale, 5th District Congressional candidates Mike Erlandson and Ember Reichgott Junge, and others. Plus a few minutes from an inspiring speech by Senator Barack Obama. Watch as he agrees with Republican Newt Gingrich that the Democrat's election slogan should be "had enough".
(note: this video is a BIG file. Be patient as it downloads)

You'll need quicktime to view the video. If you don't have quicktime, try our flash version of the video here.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Reporting from the Humphrey Day Dinner

Keynote From Senator Barack Obama
Dayton calls Kennedy "Republican Macho Mouse"
Click here to download or listen to podcast
Barack Obama showed why he's one of the most requested speakers on the political circuit Saturday night. He headlined the Humphrey Day Dinner -- raising about $250,000 in profit for the DFL.

We have clips of the speech as well as some other interviews. Listen in as Wendy Wilde talks with many of the notables that were at the dinner, including former Vice-President Walter Mondale as well as several of the candidates for the 5th Congressional District seat being vacated by Martin Sabo.

Check back later for video clips and the full Barack Obama speech.

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