Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Minneapolis DFL Convention Showdown

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On this week's podcast:
Showdown at the Minneapolis DFL Convention

Minneapolis DFLers are not all one big happy family these days. The two DFL candidates for Mayor are ripping into each other over education, crime and the city budget.

Challenger Peter McLaughlin says Mayor R.T. Rybak "has been essentially missing in action" when it comes to education and "has allowed the violent crime genie back out of the bottle."

Rybak says McLaughlin is trying to scare people so they'll vote for him and McLaughlin's proposals are "budget busters"

Who should be Mayor of Minneapolis? Listen and decide for yourself. The DFL decides this Saturday May 14th.

If you're attending the Minneapolis DFL convention call and give us your opinion on the convention and the outcome. We've set up a hotline you can call. Record a comment, give us your opinion or report on an issue. We may use your comment on our next podcast. Call 206-33-TALKS or 206-338-2557. It is a long distance call.

Or you can email us at

Next week: DFL State Chair Mike Erlandson on what he's accomplished and what the party still needs to do when he steps down.

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