Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Matt Entenza-Community First vs. It's All About Me

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On this week's show:
Community First vs. “It’s All About Me”

That’s how House DFL leader Matt Entenza explains the difference between the DFL and the Republicans. He says “no new taxes” is a “bankrupt pledge” since Minnesotans are being “nickeled and dimed to death” by millions of dollars in “fees”.

He also spells out how the DFL plans to pay for the spending increase it has proposed. You might be surprised at his solution.

Plus… what do paper corporations in Bermuda have to do with increased class sizes in Minnesota?

Matt and PeterPeter asks Representative some pointed questions – is he running for Governor? Who is he supporting in the DFL State Chair race?

And Peter explains the hard truth about campaign financing. Why in the end it doesn’t matter that DFL US Senate candidates are financed by individuals, while the Republican candidate is largely funded by Political Action Committee money.

Next week: A preview of the showdown for Minneapolis Mayor. R.T. Rybak and Peter McLaughlin vie for DFL backing at the May 14th convention.

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